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Här lägger vi upp information om kommande Workshops hos oss.



About Alina

Professional dancer with 9 years experience of modern, contemporary, high heels, burlesque, exotic and cheerleading dance; including tumbling, acrobatic and gymnastic arts.

Candidate to Master of Sport of Rhythmic gymnastic, with 20 years experience within the sport. Rhythmic gymnastic coach, dance and stretching instructor, being successful at helping individuals and groups.

All experience includes competitions, theater dance and acrobatic performances in internationals projects. Worked on different cruise ships, in dance projects and in cheerleading team as dancer, gymnast, soloist and dance captain. 


Exotic sensual choreo  kl14:30-15.40 price 300sek


(Beginners/Mid level/Advanced)

  • Sensual choreo is the art of seduction. You can dance it in different ways, but the meaning does not change. It is able to reveal femininity, sensuality and sexuality in a dancer. It breaks the shackles of stiffness and teaches you to express feelings and emotions.

  • The class is focused on teaching an exotic choreography on high heels including part on the floor. 

  • The class is suitable for all levels of dancers. 

  • Don’t forget your high heels and knee pads. Note that class will be in English.

Stretching class  13:00-14:10  price 200sek

(Beginners/Mid level/Advanced)

  • Stretching is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle and building a beautiful body. It helps to develop flexibility, improve posture and coordination and stabilize muscles. 

  • Stretching training will be done on mats. The coach helps the students to carefully and gradually prepare the body and muscles to be more flexible and strong. 

  • Stretching does not require special physical training or skills, so it is

  • great for everyone

Julia Chelakova   1/4-2/4 

Julia is a lifelong dancer. Emotional expression and acrobatics have been her passions since the beginning of her creative path at the age of 6, and keep inspiring her style and movement journey today.

With 8 years experience in Pole dance she’s a certified Pole Acrobatics Instructor, choreographer, performing and competing dancer, Pole and dance teacher, who strongly believes in never-stopping education and growth. Her movement background includes (besides various Pole styles) Strip Dance, High heels, Contemporary dance, Jazz Funk, Vogue and more.

Julia is a movement nerd known for deep-in-detail instructing, personal approach and encouragement of smart training.
She’s a caring and supportive teacher with sunshine personality that makes you feel at ease and inspired to learn, explore and live your best life while training.

Pro level competition experience:
🔸1st place in "Professionals" category  at Pole Doll Championship, Minsk, Belarus, June 2019

🔸2nd place in "Professionals" category at ZHARA pole dance champ, St.Petersburg, Russia, June 2019
🔸2nd place in "Professionals Level 2" category at iProject dance champ, St.Petersburg, Russia, October 2018
🔸"Best Technique" award winner in "Professionals" category at IDOL championship, Moscow, November 2019
🔸1st place in "Best High Heels crew professionals" as part of "Diamond Pro" crew at Just Dance championship, St.Petersburg, Russia, December 2018

Julia Exotic pole_edited.jpg

Adrienne Pole


Adrienne startade sin pole-resa för snart 10 år sedan på Polestar Fitness i Göteborg.

Det var kärlek vid första snurren och väldigt snabbt blev poledance Adriennes största intresse. Hon har en tidigare bakgrund inom dans där hon bland annat dansat balett, street & dancehall m.m. i många år vilket hon inspirerats av även inom poledance. 

Under 2013 började Adrienne hålla i nybörjarkurser i poledance och har nu instruerat pole, exotic dance, stretch samt chair i många år. Just nu instruerar hon i nivåklasser inom pole, exotic pole samt chair på Sthlm Pole Studio i Stockholm.

Adrienne har även tävlat och har medverkat i: Poledance Competition Denmark -15, classique professional , 2 plats Poledance Competition Denmark -16, classique professional, 2 plats Pole theatre Scandinavia -16, classique professional, 2 plats KYANNA After Dark -21, low flow elite, 2 plats Utöver tävlingarna har Adrienne jobbat med dans under flera år, hon har bland annat uppträtt och showat på nattklubbar så som stora teatern i Göteborg & Berns i Stockholm. Hon har även varit dansare på stora nattklubbar i Cannes under filmfestivalen och Monaco under Grand prix. Slutligen har hon även uppträtt på mässor och festivaler så som fitness festivalen och erotica-mässan m.fl..

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