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Workshop med Olga Spezia

Workshop med Olga Spezia 3/12

Den 3/12 gästas vi av grymma Olga Spezia som håller 3 st workshops hos oss ! dessa kurser vänder sig till dig som är på fortsättning till avancerad nivå i Poledance

RUSSIAN EXOTIC FLOW (intermediate / advanced level)

This workshop is for Russian Exotic style lovers! You will learn choreography, which includes spins, leg overswings, impressive floorwork and also Exotic acro-tricks: shoulder and elbow stands, flips and drops. Olga is a master of Russian Exotic style, she will teach you the techniques how to make your routine look elegant and flowy and also her signature trick – hair flips.

Knee pads and high heels required. Duration: 1h 30 m 50 euro

Russian Exotic kl :14:00-15:30 (full boked)

Russian Exotic kl 17:50-19:20

FLEXY TRICKS (upper intermediate / advanced level)

If you are dreaming of beautiful moves and impressive lines, you don’t want to miss this workshop! Olga will teach you tricks that create amazing body shapes and show the most of your flexibility! By focusing on technique of each trick, you will learn the best way to nail the bendy tricks and to make your performances look stunning.

Duration: 1h 30 m 50 euro

kl 15:50-17:20 Boka din plats vi bokningsformuläret

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